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Little Known Facts About Eye Care

You are born with the eyes you will die with. They do not grow, shrink or regenerate and cannot be replaced with other eyes; making the health and care of your eyes of paramount importance. As eye doctors it always confounds us to know that most people pay little attention to their sight and their eyes themselves and those that do, often have the wrong facts or have been following bad advice.  As a Clarkston optometrist, we at Premier Eyecare wanted to share some facts about eye care in order to help our valued patients avoid making common mistakes regarding their eyes. To protect your vision, make sure that you know what you need to about your eyes.

  • Carrots are good for you but not for your eyes in particular. For better eye health enjoy green, leafy vegetables instead like kale and spinach.
  • Never use a past prescription for a new problem. Using eye drops that were not prescribed for a particular infection or problem can cause the problem to worsen and may end up affecting your eye’s long-term health causing lasting vision impairment.
  • Try not to sleep in your contacts. Wearing your extended wear contacts to bed will increase your chance of an eye infection by 15 times.
  • Eye drops sting less if they are chilled. Store them in the refrigerator for easier use.
  • Don’t wait for symptoms to appear. A yearly visit to your eye doctor is really the only way to catch issues before they become real problems. A thorough eye exam not only helps those with existing vision problems but can help you avoid eye health issues during a lifetime.


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