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Orthokeratology Experts

Orthokeratology Experts

Imagine having near-perfect to perfect vision all day long without the help of contacts or eyeglasses. Orthokeratology lenses have helped many vision-impaired patients experience great vision, some, for the first time in their lives. Much like a dental retainer works within your mouth correcting misaligned teeth, orthokeratology contacts work to reshape the curvature of the eye. Worn while you sleep, these highly breathable lenses gently manipulate the soft and moldable corneal tissue, reducing the need for corrective lenses during the day. Wearers begin to experience better vision within just a few days, though full results can generally be seen after two to three weeks. FDA trials have shown a success rate of over 65 percent achieving 20/20 eyesight and 90 percent experiencing 20/40 vision or better. Orthokeratology, also known as corneal molding, works for both near and farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia (the need for bifocals). Corneal molding can slow or even completely stop worsening of vision problems. There is also zero possibility of having permanent negative effects, though after time, the cornea will start to misshapen if the nighttime lenses are not worn on a somewhat consistent basis.

Though ortho-k lenses aren’t appropriate for everybody, Dr. Garretson’s office in Troy will help you decide if these lenses could be beneficial for you. The staff at Premier Eyecare believes in the efficacy of ortho-k lenses and look forward to helping you through a complete consultation regarding this, or any of our other optical services. Should you need an optometrist in the Clarkston area, Premier Eyecare is the top-rated local™ eye care provider and we look forward to hearing from you.


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