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Troy Orthokeratology Experts at Premier Eye Care

Troy Orthokeratology Experts at Premier Eye Care

Orthokeratology is an excellent method of molding the cornea back into its most functional shape. After measuring your cornea, an eye doctor fits custom ortho-k lenses to the cornea in order to help manipulate your cornea producing better vision without the need to wear daily corrective lenses like contacts or eyeglasses. The benefits of orthokeratology include:

  • Reducing or eliminating the need to wear corrective lenses during the day
  • Ortho-k lenses are worn during the night while you sleep
  • May prevent the worsening of one’s vision and  the increase in eye prescriptions

Ortho-k allows people who work in situations where contacts or glasses could become a problem to fully be able to avoid having to wear corrective eyewear during the day. Athletes can also enjoy sports without the cumbersome need of glasses. Ortho-k lenses can also be beneficial for those who enjoy swimming, skiing or even gardening. Anytime that glasses or contacts become more of an inconvenience or hassle than they are worth, ortho-k lenses can offer the benefit of replacement.

There are certain situations and individual issues that could prevent some people from being able to benefit from orthokeratology. Only a qualified eye doctor can decide if a patient is a good candidate for ortho-k lenses. The cost of the therapy often inhibits individuals from being able to utilize ortho-k lenses as they are often much more expensive than standard lenses. Vision insurance companies do not often cover the costs of orthokeratology treatments. Those that have a fear of touching their eyes are also not the best candidates.

As an optometrist in Troy, Dr. Garretson is fully knowledgeable about the processes and science behind orthokeratology. After a full eye exam at the Troy office, the eye doctor can determine if orthokeratology is appropriate for you and your vision. Call us to schedule your appointment at 248-241-6537.


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