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Seeing Spots?

It’s possible, if you’re over a certain age, you’ve experienced those strange little spots or thread-like items in your vision; those funny little eyesight oddities that make you wonder if there is something seriously wrong with either your vision or your brain. Relax. They’re just floaters, and though they can be a bit mystifying, they are perfectly harmless. Floaters are caused by changes to the eye that occur as we age. They can appear as blobs, strings or lines or as black or gray dots that fade or disappear when you try to look directly at them. They can appear in just one eye or in both. As we age, the vitreous humor, the jelly-like substance within your eyeball, begins to liquefy allowing debris into the area. That debris casts shadows on your retina, causing you to see it as floaters.

These floaters are harmless and should cause no pain. If your floaters are accompanied by eye pain or flashes of light you may want to see your eye doctor. Dr. Garretson also recommends that you schedule an appointment if you see floaters on a more frequent basis or if you lose your peripheral vision. Combined with eye floaters, these symptoms can be indicative of more serious eye problems. At Premier Eyecare, your Clarkston VSP eye doctors, we can effectively diagnose just what may be causing your symptoms as causes can run from a simple injury to the eye to more serious problems such as intraocular tumors or diabetic retinopathy. As with any eye or vision problem, a comprehensive eye exam is required for correct diagnosis.


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